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Eve Craig Cozy Mystery Books 

Listed By Series:

Happy Hollow Stables

First Glance Photography

Pretty as a Picture

Worth a Thousand Words

Cost of Doing Business

Cedar Ranch Cozy Mystery Series

Mopping up a Murder

Make a Clean Break

Polished to Perfection

Squeaky Clean Suspects

Clean Conscience  

A Murderous Mess 


Sweet Home Realty Cozy Mystery Series

Murder in the Mudroom 

Axed in the Attic

Killed in the Kitchen

Poisoned on the Patio

Body in the Bedroom

Dead in the Den 


Big Air Media Cozy Mystery Series 

Managing a Murder

Billing a Butchery

Radio and Restless Spirits

Charity Case

Advertising & Attempted Murder

Wake Up & Smell the Treachery


Destiny's Bookstore Cozy Mystery Series

Between the Lines

Book By It's Cover

Illustration a Murder

Hot off the Press

Balancing the Books

A Best Seller


Class & Comfortable Design Series

Estate Tags & Body Bags

A Grand Design 

Inspired Imposter

Interior Motives

An Inside Job

Dying for D├ęcor


Song Supply Cozy Mystery Series

Musical Murder

Hammering Out a Tune

Stringing Someone Along

Steal of a Sale

Final Performance

For the Love of Music 


All in Good Time Cozy Mystery Series

Impossible to Replace

Hidden Inheritance

Timeless Piece

Digging Up A Clue

Out With The Old In With The New

Framing Up A Murder 

Creation Station Cozy Mystery Series

Part Of The Pattern

Embroidering The Details 

Life Of The Party

Crafting A Perfect Christmas

By The Book

Painting the Town


Silver Bells Farm

Home For The Harvest

A Bushel of Trouble   

Halloween At Silver Bells 

Farmhouse To Die For

Murder In Bloom

In A Jam






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